Optimization of a Concentrated Solar Power plant.

Event Date: Jan 20, 2021 in Seminarios Lectura Papers COVID19, Seminars

    Abstract This report corresponds to the continuation of another where the characteristics of the parameters and methods of each one of the objects called Parameters, SolarField, Rankine and Reactor were detailed. Here we will present the components of the objective function of the optimization problem described in section 2, which corresponds to the income and costs generated by the concentrated solar power plant for a period of Nyears, as well as the constraints and bounds related to the variables of the problem. Then we consider a pre-scenario and solve the resulting...

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COVID-19: Short-term forecast of ICU beds in times of crisis.

Event Date: Jan 27, 2021 in Seminarios Lectura Papers COVID19, Seminars

Abstract:   By early May 2020, the number of new COVID-19 infections started to increase rapidly in Chile, threatening the ability of health services to accommodate all incoming cases. Suddenly, ICU capacity planning became a first-order concern, and the health authorities were in urgent need of tools to estimate the demand for urgent care associated with the pandemic. In this article, we describe the approach we followed to provide such demand forecasts, and we show how the use of analytics can provide relevant support for decision making, even with incomplete data and without enough...

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On the construction of maximal p-cyclically monotone operators.

Event Date: Jan 20, 2021 in Optimization and Equilibrium, Seminars

Abstract: In this talk we deal with the construction of explicit examples of maximal p-cyclically maximal monotone operators. To the date, there is only one instance of an explicit example of a maximal 2-cyclically monotone operator that is not maximal monotone. We present several other examples, and a proposal of how such examples can be constructed.

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Eigenvalue splitting of polynomial order for a system of Schrödinger operators with energy-level crossing.

Event Date: Jan 12, 2021 in Differential Equations, Seminars

In this talk I will present recent results on the spectral analysis of a 1D semiclassical system of coupled Schrödinger operators each of which has a simple well potential. Such systems arise as important models in the Born-Oppenheimer approximation of molecular dynamics. Focusing on the cases where the two underlying classical periodic trajectories cross to each other which imply an energy-level crossing, we give Bohr-Sommerfeld type quantization rules for the eigenvalues of the system in both tangential and transversal crossing cases. Our main results consists in the eigenvalue splitting...

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Aumentando óptimamente la nodo-conectividad de un ciclo en uno.

Event Date: Jan 07, 2021 in Seminario de Grafos, Seminars

Abstract: “Definimos el problema de “aumentación de conectividad de grafos” de la forma siguiente: La entrada es un grafo G y un conjunto de aristas E, tal que G es k-conexo y G+E es (k+1)-conexo. Y la salida debe ser un subconjunto F de E de tamaño mínimo tal que G+F sea (k+1)-conexo. Este tipo de problemas se enmarcan en el diseño de redes, muy importante en áreas tales como telecomunicaciones y electricidad. Muchos de estos problemas son NP-dificiles, por lo que es necesario diseñar algoritmos de aproximación para atacar el problema. En este seminario mostraré un resumen...

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Casi todos los árboles dirigidos son n-inevitables.

Event Date: Dec 17, 2020 in Seminario de Grafos, Seminars

Resumen: Se mostrará una condición suficiente para ver que un árbol dirigido es n-inevitable, esto se probará a través de un resultado de descomposición de torneos de Kühn, Mycroft y Osthus, y el uso lema de embedding semi-determinista, que nos permite embeber árboles en n-o(1) vértices, finalmente se verá que las condiciones suficientes se cumplen asintótica-casi-seguramente.

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