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“DASH: Deep Learning for the Automated Spectral Classification of Supernovae”

Event Date: Jan 27, 2017 in Other Areas, Seminars

ABSTRACT:   We have reached a new era of ‘big data’ in astronomy with surveys now recording an unprecedented number of spectra. In particular, new telescopes such as LSST will soon incease the spectral catalogue by a few orders of magnitude. Moreover, the Australian sector of the Dark Energy Survey (DES) is currently in the process of spectroscopically measuring several thousands of supernovae. To meet this new demand, novel approaches that are able to automate and speed up the classification process of these spectra is essential. To this end, I have developed a software...

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Towards understanding the Milky Way with LSST and Gaia

Event Date: Sep 30, 2016 in Other Areas, Seminars

Abstract: I will provide a brief update on the progress of LSST construction, and my work on running end-to-end tests of the nightly image difference processing. I will also describe my scientific focus on the formation of the Milky Way and how the Gaia satellite is giving us the clearest picture of this process to date. With Gaia our raw data on the Milky Way will soon outpace our statistical tools for analyzing these data in a cosmological context, and I will highlight some open questions which could benefit the most from a comprehensive statistical...

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Travel time tomography with partial data

Event Date: Jan 15, 2013 in Other Areas, Seminars

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Delving into Big Data: Computing, Astrophysics, and Data Science

Event Date: Dec 14, 2012 in Other Areas, Seminars

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An introduction to the Virtual Observatory. What is it offering to astronomers?

Event Date: Oct 01, 2012 in Other Areas, Seminars


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Some controllability results for the Navier-Stokes and Boussinesq systems with a reduced number of scalar controls

Event Date: Sep 06, 2012 in Other Areas, Seminars

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