CMM Modeling

“Deep Variational Transfer: Transfer Learning through Semi-supervised Deep Generative Models”

Event Date: Jun 14, 2018 in CMM Modeling, Seminars

Abstract: “In real-world applications, it is expensive and time-consuming to obtain labeled examples. In such cases, knowledge transfer from related domains, where labels are abundant, could greatly reduce the need for extensive labeling efforts. In this scenario, transfer and multi-task learning come in hand. In this paper, we propose Deep Variational Transfer (DVT), a variational autoencoder that transfers knowledge across domains using a shared latent Gaussian mixture model. More in details, we align all supervised examples of the same class into the same Gaussian Mixture component,...

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“Opportunities for collaboration with the School of Mathematics & Statistics at University College Dublin, Ireland”

Event Date: Mar 22, 2016 in CMM Modeling, Seminars

ABSTRACT: We will present an overview of the research topics and graduate programs available at the UCD School of Mathematics & Statistics, Ireland’s number one according to QS World Rankings in both Mathematics and Statistics & Operations Research. We are at the forefront of collaborative research in computational science and data analytics. Active international collaborations include high-performance computing across disciplines (ranging from black hole binaries to molecular dynamics to fluid mechanics to cryptography and financial mathematics) and the application of statistical...

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Neurological Diseases, Brain Dynamics and Mathematical Modelling

Event Date: Jan 21, 2016 in CMM Modeling, Seminars

Abstract:  Se adjunta

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“A brief introduction to Mean Field Games”

Event Date: Jan 19, 2015 in CMM Modeling, Seminars

Abstract: Mean Field Games (MFG) is a theory recently introduced by J.-M. Lasry and P.-L. Lions in order to approximate Nash equilibria of symmetric stochastic differential games when the number of players is very large. This theory has found several applications in mathematical economics and congestion models. The aim of this course is to introduce the theory from the very basics. In the three lectures we will address the following topics: Lecture 1: The case of static games. In this lecture we will discuss the  relation between games with a finite number of players and mean field games in...

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Charla Observatorio Vulcanológico

Event Date: Oct 21, 2014 in CMM Modeling, Seminars

En esta presentación se dará a conocer la Red Nacional de Vigilancia Volcánica, dependiente del Servicio Nacional de Geología y Minería, su mision, objetivos y alcances. Se repasará brevemente su historia desde su formación como Observatorio, hasta el dia de hoy. Se hará mención a los equipamientos y tecnologías utilizadas. Se presentará además la estructura del Observatorio, dando a conocer sus áreas, principalmente las áreas de sismología, desarrollo y sensores remotos.  

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“Recent News in Wireless Technologies and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications: Tales from the Trenches”

Event Date: Jul 08, 2013 in CMM Modeling, Seminars

ABSTRACT: This talk will describe a number of projects and start-up companies that have been part of my personal mission over the last decade to bring wireless mobility to a variety of devices and systems. I will discuss and show examples of recent advances in wireless technologies, including connected devies and mobile device management, with specific reference to the increase in automation and connectivity in classrooms, automobiles and transportation. Some of the problems associated with Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), and an example of disaster recovery aftger Hurricane Sandy will help...

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