Second Workshop on Evolution Equations in Valdivia 2016

Second Workshop on Evolution Equations in Valdivia 2016

The purpose of this conference is to bring together mathematicians working in different aspects of analysis of asymptotic dynamics in time-dependent nonlinear PDE. We encourage, and may be able to support financially, participation of young scientists and graduate students interested in the subject.



Piotr Bizon (Krakow)
Charles Collot (Nice)
Raphael Côte (Strasbourg)
Anne-Sophie de Suzzoni (Paris Nord)
Juan Davila (U. Chile)
Jacek Jendrej (Chicago)
Zaher Hani (Gatech) (cancelled)
Oana Ivanovici (Nice)
Herbert Koch (Bonn)
Yang Lan (Orsay)
Andrew Lawrie (MIT)
Mathieu Lewin (Ceremade)
Felipe Linares (IMPA)
Fethi Mahmoudi (CMM U Chile)
Kenji Nakanishi (Osaka)
Didier Pilod (UFRJ)
Fabrice Planchon (Nice)
Gustavo Ponce (Santa Barbara)
Marjolaine Puel (Nice)
Pierre Raphael (Nice)
Frederic Rousset (Orsay)
Julien Sabin (Orsay)
Jean-Claude Saut (Orsay)
Luis Vega (BCAM)
Hatem Zaag (Paris Nord)

Date: Dec 12, 2016
Date of closure: Dec 16, 2016
Venue: Universidad Austral. Pugin building at Instituto de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas. Isla Teja, Valdivia
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