Premio Atenea recognizes Ci2ma’s researcher

Premio Atenea recognizes Ci2ma’s researcher

Gabriel Gatica, researcher and professor from the Center for Research in Mathematical Engineering at Universidad de Concepción (Ci2ma), was unanimously awarded 2016 Premio Atenea, which distinguished the best scientific work this year. The prize consists of a diploma of recognition and a stimulus of five thousand dollars.

The Universidad de Concepción (UdeC) vice president and head of the jury, Bernabé Rivas, announced the news. The jury was also composed by Carlos González, UdeC Research and Development Vice president; Ximena García, UdeC Graduate Director; the Center for Mathematical Modeling’s researcher Carlos Conca, and Fernando Medel, professor at the Faculty of Agrarian Sciences of Universidad Austral.

In his presentation, Rivas recalled this award has been declared deserted on several opportunities. For that reason, it was not delivered since 2007. He also valued the work of Professor Gabriel Gatica. The researcher was awarded because of his book A Simple Introduction To the Mixed Finite Element Method –originally published in 2014 by the relevant German publisher Springer– but the vice president stressed all the work he has been developing as a researcher at Ci2ma and the Department of Mathematical Engineering.

“It is an acknowledgment to the professor for this great book, but also to his work in applied mathematical engineering in the national and also international scope. There were five very good quality works and the decision was unanimous for the winner,” said Rivas.

Gabriel Gatica is a mathematical engineer and a Master’s degree in Mathematics from UdeC, as well as a PhD in the same discipline from University of Delaware, United States.

His work deals with one of the most relevant techniques in his field today, a procedure that allows numerically solving various problems of contour values in continuous media mechanics, mainly in fluid mechanics, elasticity and in solid- fluid.

“It’s an introductory book in an area where I’ve worked the last 20 years. It deals with an approximation of solutions to problems that occur in engineering sciences. For example, when one solves a problem in thermodynamics and one of the unknowns is temperature, there are situations in which also interest the slopes of growth or decrease of temperature. A mixed method allows us to better approximate these unknowns,” said the academic.

Professor Gatica pointed out that this recognition is important for him. It is a satisfaction, but also a valuation of the science’s contribution to the culture. “It is remarkable that Premio Atenea recognizes the scientific field. This award says science is culture. Everything we do in this area increases the cultural heritage of the community, not only of the University.”

He added the prize is “as an acknowledgment of the important progress of Mathematics at Universidad de Concepción for two decades at least, especially, in Applied Mathematics.”

Next month, the ceremony of awarding will take place. There, UdeC president Sergio Lavanchy will give the recognition to the researcher.

Some Premio Atenea laureates were in the past editions Pablo Neruda, Jorge Edwards, Germán Marín, Enrique Lihn, Eugenio Pereira Salas, Gonzalo Rojas, Jorge Millas, Fernando Alegría, Óscar Castro, Juan Verdaguer, Marta Brunet, Mariano Latorre, Augusto d’Halmar, Carlos Keller, Joaquín Edwards Bello and Manuel Rojas.


Source: Panorama UdeC

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