CMM joined in CNRS’s Americas UMI Days in Mexico

CMM joined in CNRS’s Americas UMI Days in Mexico

The Center for Mathematical Modeling of Universidad de Chile was part of the 2017 CNRS Americas UMI Days, a meeting that convened the International Mixed Units (IMUs) in Americas of the French National Center for the Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).

The meeting was held on April 25th and 26th in Mexico and convened 20 IMUs’ representatives. It aimed to strengthen and exchange knowledge among the units installed in America.

During the meeting, organizers, lecturers, and attendees highlighted the CMM’s pioneering role as the first CNRS unit outside France since 2000. After the Chilean Center, CNRS has created other IMU. They collaborate in areas such as biotechnology and agricultural sciences, biology and chemistry, medicine and health, and the social sciences and humanities.

The IMUs are a central part of the international action of the CNRS. They articulate structures between French teams and foreign partner institutions and operate in an integrated way. In fact, the number of French researchers arrived at CMM per year has grown in the recent decade.

In 2015, the Chilean Center revalidated its status as an IMU until 2019. This agreement is renewable for another two four-year periods, that is until 2027. It establishes the CMM as CNRS unit primarily in Mathematics through the National Institute of Mathematical Sciences (INS -MI-Maths) and, secondarily, to the Institute of Information Sciences (INS21) and the Institute of Engineering Sciences and Systems (INSIS). It also promotes the work of the CNRS with other institutions in Chile and Latin America.

Posted on May 15, 2017 in Frontpage, News