CMM creates a laboratory with the engineering company Godelius SK

CMM creates a laboratory with the engineering company Godelius SK

In a pioneering initiative, the Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM) at Universidad de Chile and Godelius, the engineering services company of Sigdo Koppers group, signed an agreement to create a joint research laboratory.

The announcement was made official in a ceremony attended by authorities from the University and SK, businessmen, academics, executives of Chilean mining companies, and representatives of state agencies.

“This laboratory is a space for the development of collaborative projects. The great goal, although we have a long way to go, is to be an international benchmark in complex engineering problems,” said CMM researcher Servet Martínez.

The academic outlined the Center’s work style in its initiatives: “We take every problem as if we were artisans, but with a global perspective and cutting-edge technology. We want to understand what makes unique every problem.”

Firma de acuerdo CMM - SK Godelius

For Fernando Bracco, the CEO the engineering company, “Godelius, immersed in an organization we have enormous pride because its immense legitimacy in engineering, which is Sigdo Koppers, (…) and hand in hand with the dusty dimension of the real mining, tries to solve real problems, but without lose advantage of the phenomenal possibility that gives the revolution we are beginning.”

CMM director Alejandro Maass said that this is the first time the center has signed a cooperation agreement in the context of a joint laboratory. In his speech, he related the past experiences of the Center for Mathematical Modeling in big data with the challenges the agreement seeks to address in the industrial world: “This is an alliance that will allow us to agglomerate everything we have done in these issues, as already we did big data in bioinformatics, astroinformatics and other issues that appeared along the way. Obviously, what goes forward is different.”

University’s vice-president Rafael Epstein compared the mission of the new laboratory with the target the country is seeking to advance from the commodities’ production to the creation of advanced knowledge: “It is a great joy to see how the CMM, which is one of the large flagships of the University and the Faculty in research, supports a Chilean company that is looking to move to a next stage. “

Dean of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Patricio Aceituno closed the ceremony emphasizing on the category of the signatory institutions: “First level organizations always seek alliances and links with first level organizations. This is the case of the alliance between CMM and Godelius. “

Posted on Jul 17, 2017 in Frontpage, News