Great participation of CMM researchers at MCA 2017

Great participation of CMM researchers at MCA 2017

The second Mathematical Congress of the Americas (MCA) took place on July 24-28, 2017, in Montreal, Canada. And Center for Mathematical Modeling at Universidad de Chile had a main role.

The congress is a main activity in the mathematical context and one thousand mathematicians from North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean joined in. Its goals are to highlight the excellence of mathematical achievements of the Americas in the international arena and to foster collaboration between the continents’ mathematical communities.

Manuel del Pino was plenary lecturer with the Singularity formation and bubbling in nonlinear diffusions conference.

Juan Diego Dávila was invited lecturer with the Finite time singularities for the harmonic map flow in 2D with values into de sphere talk. He also gave the Vortices for the 2D Euler equation in the Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations scientific session.

Servet Martínez was a member of the Program Committee.

Scientific sessions

In Optimization and Control session, three CMM mathematicians gave talks: Alejandro Jofré (Variance-based stochastic extragradient methods with linear search for stochastic variational inequalities), Héctor Ramírez (Bioremediation of water resources: an optimal control approach), and Rafael Correa (On Brøndsted-Rockafellar’s Theorem for convex lower semicontinuous epi-pointed functions in locally convex spaces)

Marcos Kiwi (Bijective Proof of Kasteleyn’s Toroidal Perfect Matching Cancellation Theorem) and Maya Stein (Partitions into monochromatic subgraphs) were part of the Current Trends in Combinatorics session. She also gave the Tree embeddings conference in the Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics chapter.

In Nonlinear Dispersive Equations session, Claudio Muñoz gave the Decay of small perturbations on 1D scalar field equations talk. While, the Topological Dynamics and Operator Algebras scheduled a Michael Schraudner’s Automorphism groups of subshifts through group extensions conference.


The distinguished associate research Gunther Ulhmann received the Solomon Lefschetz medal for his work in the area of inverse problems.

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