Medalla Rectoral Universidad de Chile awarded to Felipe Álvarez

Medalla Rectoral Universidad de Chile awarded to Felipe Álvarez

In a ceremony full of memories and emotions, theDepartment of Mathematical Engineering (DIM) of Faculty of Physical and Mathematician Sciences (FCFM) paid tribute to the memory of Felipe Álvarez Daziano. The former vice-dean and researcher at the Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM) was academic and director of the department.

The ceremony award took place at DIM Seminar Room. And the president of Universidad de Chile Ennio Vivaldi headed it. The dean of FCFM Patricio Aceituno, the wife of the former vice-dean of the FCFM Claudia Aranda and her daughters María Ignacia and Antonia, the faculty’s authorities, students, academics, and DIM officials also attended the event.

The first speaker was director of DIM Hector Ramirez.

“The beginning of this academic year surprised us with Felipe’s tragic departure. He is an illustrious son of our department. He always solved extremely complex problems with a smile without forgetting his humility. This tribute’s intention is to remember the marks Felipe left his stay at Beauchef,” he said.

Then DIM scholar and Felipe Álvarez’s fellow student at university Juan Dávila recalled memories and anecdotes about their youth.

President Ennio Vivaldi gives Medalla Rectoral award to the family of Felipe Álvarez

“He was always an excellent, optimistic, positive, and cheerful student. It is very remarkable that Felipe put his talent and energy not only in the traditional academic activity of research and teaching but also in the academic administration. We were lucky to have him as a friend and a colleague,” he said.

The academic and fellow student Salomé Martínez spoke about Felipe’s role in advancing on gender equity issues while he was vice-dean.

“He embodied the future and the modernity. That modern vision reflected how the Faculty took charge of a gender equity agenda. This has translated into a rise from 20% of women studying Engineering in 2013 to around 28% in 2017, which contrast to the previous 30 years. This community wants to celebrate and remember the commitment of Felipe and created the Felipe Álvarez Scholarship. From next year, this award will benefit a female student of mathematical engineering” she said.

DIM’s official Gladys Cavallone recalled the period Felipe Álvarez served as director of the Department: “His human excellence was his most remarkable characteristic. He was always close to people and brought positive changes to the good work of the Department. He always treated us with respect by highlighting the strengths of each of us”.

At the end of the ceremony, a commemorative plaque was discovered.

Afterwards, Dean of FCFM Patricio Aceituno said: “The closest family receives Felipe on this occasion. He comes back home in this act. Felipe left this place on August 1st, 2010 and his talent went to serve the Faculty. Now, DIM welcomes him back to keep him forever at the heart of the Department that educated him.”

Universidad de Chile President’s Medal and commemorative plaque

Ennio Vivaldi gave Medalla Rectoral Universidad de Chile to Álvarez’s family. The distinction awarded to members of the university community who showed a special capacity and dedication in favor of Universidad de Chile.

“Felipe was an exceptional, admirable and unforgettable person. I highlight his generosity and leadership skills at an age when he was expected to concentrate on his own career. His intelligence allowed him to see the entire system, which is something we need today,” Vivaldi said.

After receiving the award, the Claudia Aranda, the wife of the honored academic, noted: “It is an enormous emotion to be here. We return to this Faculty, which is Felipe’ house forever. He transcends here, and that’s something we are proud of.”

Then, she read some excerpts from a journal written by Alvarez with thoughts about his challenges as an academic at the university.

“I know what I do is what makes me happiest in life. I want to be able to convey that enthusiasm to the rest,” was a selected line.

To end the ceremony, the attendants discovered a commemorative plaque. Now, the new name of Seminar’s Room at DIM is Felipe Álvarez Daziano Room. As a former director of the department, he refurbished the classroom. The plaque also bears a significant formula engraved on the research work of the remembered former vice-dean.

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