Master in Applied Mathematics is the first postgraduate program in Chile to obtain 10 years of accreditation

Master in Applied Mathematics is the first postgraduate program in Chile to obtain 10 years of accreditation

The Accreditation Agency of the Chilean College of Engineers, Acredita CI, granted the maximum accreditation to the Master’s degree program in Engineering Sciences with a mention in Applied Mathematics, from the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Chile (FCFM). The program of the Department of Mathematical Engineering (DIM) was accredited for 10 years, until September 2027.

The maximum accreditation is a proof of the robustness of the program, the quality of its academic staff, and the international projection it offers the students. Eighty per cent of the alumni, for example, are now studying doctorates at national and foreign universities, both in the U. S. and in Europe, while the rest have entered the private sector locally.

“Graduates of the Masters in Applied Mathematics are prepared to work in research teams, industry or the public sector where there is a need for mathematical modeling and mathematical tools for the development of the project. Examples appear in almost all areas of modern life: telecommunications, energy, mining, health, education, among others,” says Alejandro Maass, coordinator of the program and director of the Center for Mathematical Modeling. In addition, it allows you to take on a doctorate in mathematics or other related disciplines.

“This accreditation is, on the one hand, an important recognition of the work done to train engineers and doctors for more than three decades, and the ability to insert them nationally and internationally, and the academic body that has made it possible to have a department and center among the best in the world in mathematics,” he says.

Cecilia Sotomayor, accreditation advisor for the Graduate School at FCFM, points out that it is special that the first accreditation is granted for a maximum of 10 years. There has never been, there is no program of this school that is 10 years old, let alone in a first accreditation,” she says. “It also leaves us with a very high stick to see how to go on after this.”

“Accreditation for such a long time gives students the opportunity to apply for national scholarships, as well as the assurance that it is a program whose quality has been peer-reviewed, and it has active academics and publishes in high impact scientific journals. It gives them an index of the program’s strength, by knowing that it will not be closed in half a year, that there is institutional support, that it is doing something serious,” says Natacha Astromujoff, deputy chief professor of the Department of Mathematical Engineering.

For Maass, “it is a great joy to know that for 10 years our students, who are among the best students in the country, will be able to apply for scholarships.”

Reopened in 2014, two generations of graduates have already studied the Master of Applied Mathematics. Most of these 27 graduates are mathematicians (with the exception of a mechanical engineer and an oceanographer), although the coordinator of the Master indicates DIM is making an effort to receive students with engineering training who also want to deepen their capacity in mathematical modeling.

Source: FCFM

Posted on Oct 17, 2017 in Frontpage, News