Planning Direction of Secretary of Public Works and CMM renewed agreement

Planning Direction of Secretary of Public Works and CMM renewed agreement

During Wednesday, October 25th, the National Director of Planning at Secretary of Public Works (MOP) Jocelyn Fernández, the head of the Territory Department Ximena Iriarte, the deputy head of the Territory Department Eduardo Melo, director of the Center for Mathematical Modeling Alejandro Maass, Scientific Director of the National Laboratory of High Performance Computing (NLHPC) Jaime San Martín and NLPHC director Ginés Guerrero met to renew a collaborative agreement between both institutions.

Since late 2015, Dirplan and CMM have been working on an agenda of common interests under a partnership agreement. This agreement has placed the MOP on the frontier of engineering and in particular with the use of mathematical modeling to understand the phenomena impacting on public works.

This is a structuring axis for Planning in its medium and long-term work. It is important to know where and how the infrastructure should be planned, whether coastal, roads, airports, in Andean and other contexts. These considerations, in addition to extreme weather events, have an impact on the country, mainly in logistics and transport. This configures a humanized organic planning, putting the person at the center of the services provided by public works and water management.

Modeling in a high-performance environment allows you to visualize new scenarios, which will certainly have a direct impact on reducing uncertainty gaps in planning. During the elaboration of Plan Chile 30/30, OECD advice has raised the need for data and information relevant to better decision-making. For this reason, the need also arises in this frontier-engineering field to strengthen the competencies of planners at Master and Doctorate levels that advance in this strategic axis for the MOP.

Both for the Director of Planning and for the new Director of the Center for Mathematical Modeling, the agreement remains of greater importance. They urge the teams to continue working on the common agenda, the results of which have a positive impact on both institutions.

Source: Dirplan

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