Video contest that features Chilean scientists already has finalists

Video contest that features Chilean scientists already has finalists

The organizers of the Chilean Women in Science National Video Contest announced the 12 finalists of its second version, organized by the Center for the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (Cedenna), the Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM), the Chilean Academy of Sciences and the Inter-American Network of Academies of Sciences (Ianas).

Six awarded correspond to the School category and the other six to the General Public category. Honorable mentions and winners will be awarded at a ceremony in December.

At the School level, the following videos stood out: Científica Chilena María Inés Barría by Francisca Ponce, Anaís Saavedra and Tamara Acosta, Escuela Básica Héroes de Chile from Limache, Cómo conocí a una científica by Katrina Pérez, Colegio Polivalente Saint Orland 3 from Cerro Navia, Conociendo a la científica Grisel Cavieres by Noemí Jiménez and Romina Paredes, American British School from La Florida, De las aulas de mi liceo al mundo de la ciencia by Sebastián Molina and Camila Álvarez, Liceo A-17 from Yungay, Draw the Science by Maite Saavedra, Camila Ávila and Katalina Araya, Colegio American School from Peñaflor, and Mujeres por la Ciencia, by Valentina Maluenda, Sofía Macaya y Catalina Morales, Colegio Santa María from La Ligua.

In the General Public category were recognized the audiovisual pieces Alia by Felipe Oliva, Carolina Oliva and Alia Petermann-Pichincura, Contra viento y marea by Gonzalo Sabath and Mauricio Sáez; Equilibrio by Laura Davanzo and Christofher López, Estudiando el mundo con la luz by Enrique Garrido and Paulina Fuentes, La ciencia de explorar by Gustavo Chiang, and Libertad en la ciencia by Carolina Gallenos.

The jury is composed of Minister of Women and Gender Equity Claudia Pascual, Vice-President of the Chilean Academy of Sciences Cecilia Hidalgo, director of the Center for the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology and member of the Chilean Academy of Sciences Dora Altbir, Director of the Center for Mathematical Modeling at Universidad de Chile Alejandro Maass, journalist Soledad Onetto and Conicyt’s Explora program director Natalia Mackenzie.

In this version, the jury highlighted the high quality of the videos received and the contribution that the competition has made in the public debate, by encouraging the community to know and investigate the important work that Chileans do every day in national and world science.

Of the 58 videos received, 36 correspond to the school category and 22 to the general public and, in both categories, show scientists from different disciplines whose work in the country, both in the theoretical and applied fields, contributes to enrich science and knowledge.

At the moment, the jury is selecting the first places among the six selected videos in each category and, during the awards ceremony that will take place at the end of 2017, the winners will be announced. The first place (in each category) will be awarded with CLP 1,500,000 in electronic products, while the second prize will be equivalent to CLP 500,000 pesos in each level.

The organizers of the contest congratulate the directors of the 12 selected videos, and thank all participants for their contribution, diversity of views and enthusiasm. All videos will be available soon on the Youtube channel of the contest.

Posted on Nov 7, 2017 in Frontpage, News