CMM joined in Maths Festival

CMM joined in Maths Festival

With a stand where visitors were challenged to solve mathematical problems, the Center for Mathematical Modeling of the University of Chile participated in the last three versions of the Maths Festival organized by the Chilean Mathematical Society (Somachi).

The events took place in the cities of Vicuña on July 8, San Antonio on September 9 and Talca on November 4.

Each version called for 20 exhibitions that sought to show mathematical concepts in an attractive way.

Andrés Navas, organizer of the event and president of Somachi, also highlighted CMM’s participation: “The CMM stand blended very well with the spirit of the festival.”

The CMM stand focused on solving mathematical problems, an activity that has already been successfully carried out in other events such as the Engineering and Science Festival of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

In the Coquimbo Region, Natacha Astromujoff, an academic from the Mathematical Engineering Department, was in charge of the activities, along with Pablo Ugalde and Sebastián Pérez, as well as Simón Piga.

Piga also led the work in the Valparaiso Region and Talca, where Andrés Cristi and Francisco Fernández accompanied him.

“It was a very active stand. Because there were problems, people were interested in solving them and stayed there,” he said.

For Francisco Otondo, CMM director of Communications, “this is an opportunity to showcase the important math community and bring knowledge to regions in a didactic and entertaining way.”

Posted on Nov 27, 2017 in Frontpage, News