Third video contest about Chilean women in science will have a public’s choice award

Third video contest about Chilean women in science will have a public’s choice award

Aiming to highlight the contribution of female scientists to Chile’s progress, Chilean Women in Science National Video Contest invited everybody to support this cause by creating a one-to-three minute video to show relevant aspects of the work and life of a woman devoted to science and technology in the country.

Primary and secondary school students can take part in the School Students category. Adults also can do it but in the General Public category. Everybody can work in groups or individually.

Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM) of Universidad de Chile, Center for the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (Cedenna) of Universidad de Santiago, and the Chilean Academy of Sciences organized the contest. The Inter American Network of Academies of Sciences also supports the competition.

One goal of the activity to contribute to close the gender gap in scientific research in Chile.

“We will make a better science while we can be more equal. So, we will have the opportunity to use all the talent of Chile women and men,” said CMM director Alejandro Maass. “It is not just an act of justice towards the female genre but also towards the science. Because just as the talents are not concentrated only in some communes of Chile, they are not concentrated in one genre either”.

According to Cedenna director Dora Altbir, “this contest seeks to make visible to all the Chilean women in science, who are a lot even in areas wrongly considered as masculine such as Physics and Mathematics.” She also invited everybody to find their favorite female scientist and “get enchanted by the made in Chile science. This is a real opportunity to solve problems Chile and the world are addressing today and tomorrow.”

The deadline to upload the videos to the platform is August 24th.

The People’s Choice Award is a novelty this year. People will have the chance to vote their favorite videos on the website. While, contestants can share their audiovisual pieces on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media as well as by e-mail. The sooner they upload their videos, the more votes they can receive.

The contest has received more than 100 videos by 500 competitors since the first edition.

“¡The quality of the videos we received has been surprising! These short films are useful for the portrayed scientists but also for the contestants. Competitors have the opportunity to deepen in the work of the female researchers and the made in Chile science,” said Patricio Felmer, president of the organizing committee.

This year, CNN journalist Paloma Ávila, Explora-Conicyt director Natalia Mackenzie, Academy vice president Cecilia Hidalgo, Cedenna director Dora Altbir, and CMM director Alejandro Maass are part of the jury.

First place will be awarded 1.5 million pesos in technology. Second place will receive a 500 thousand pesos award in devices. People’s Choice Award will be equal to one million pesos.


Photo by Usach’s Communications Office.

Posted on May 4, 2018 in Frontpage, News