CMM participated in Festival de Matemáticas in Valdivia

CMM participated in Festival de Matemáticas in Valdivia

The Center for Mathematical Modeling of the University of Chile (CMM) participated in the last version of Festival de Matemáticas organized by the Chilean Mathematical Society (Somachi) in Valdivia city.

The event took place on April 28th. It called for 20 exhibitions that showcased Maths concepts in interesting ways. CMM presented a magic trick in its stand where director Alejandro Maass shared with the attendants. Four 4th year high school students (two women and two men) from Liceo Galvarino Gallardo in Castro city assisted to Maass. They had to understand the concept to show the trick and explain it to the public.

As if he were a magician, Maass and the students had six cards, each containing thirty-two numbers. These figures were between 1 and 63. He selected a volunteer from the audience and asked to take one of the numbers. CMM director then asked the volunteer to hand him the cards that have the chosen number written on it. In the end, the researcher revealed the number.

Yet, the most important part of the activity came later. The participants tried to understand the way the magician guessed. They also discussed the mathematical mechanisms behind the trick.

Finally, kids and teachers took home some sets to continue playing. The assistant-students also carry some sets to the High School in Castro city, where they will use the magic trick to explain mathematical concepts to their schoolmates.

Posted on May 8, 2018 in Frontpage, News