CMM-ST Computación alliance will solve industrial data science problems

CMM-ST Computación alliance will solve industrial data science problems

The Center for Mathematical Modeling from Universidad de Chile and ST Computación Company signed a collaboration agreement. The alliance aims to solve complex business’ needs through technology-based solutions such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics and others.

“The CMM’s capacity to model relevant problems for the country is unique in the continent. ST has a huge experience in technological projects in business both in Chile and the region. This alliance is an opportunity to address some key challenge data science of the future bring to us,” said Alejandro Maass, director of the research center.

For Juan Antonio Durán, general manager at ST Computación, “with this agreement we will deliver new solutions to our clients using all the knowledge of CMM, through services were difficult to solve or high cost until now.”

CMM is the most active scientific research institution in Mathematical Modeling in Latin America. It works since 2000 at the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of U. de Chile. The center responds to problems from the industrial sector, public policy, and other sciences. It uses high-performance computing and modeling with the highest standards of excellence and scientific rigor. The projects address problems in mining, natural resources, transport, marketing, energy, health, biology, bioinformatics, economy, and education.

ST Computación S.A. is 41 years old company. Its expertise integrates technological solutions in informatics, communications, and cybersecurity. The company’s mission is to improve business processes in the organization by the integration of different technologies with high standards of service, methods, and flexibility.

Forecast of business variables and patrons’ recognition based on IA and Big Data are among the challenges this alliance will address. The developments will able better decisions in Finance, Retail, Occupational Security, Mining, Education, the State offices, and the civil society.

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