Students from ten schools will sequence pill bugs in contest by 1000 Genomas Chile

Students from ten schools will sequence pill bugs in contest by 1000 Genomas Chile

Ten schools were chosen to live a unique experience in Chile. Their students will have the opportunity to sequence simultaneously the genome of a typical Chilean species: the pill bug (chanchito de tierra, in Spanish). They will use innovative portable technology as a part of the 1000 Genomas Initiative’s Chile secuencia a Chile Contest.

The contest’s objective is to disseminate the genomic science and the 1000 Genomas Chile Project. This last initiative is carried out by six centers of excellence. It will sequence one thousand genomes of Chileans and one thousand more of native species. The project also will make conscious about how important is to know and keep the genetic heritage in Chile.

The ten selected schools were:

  • Complejo Educacional Toconao (Atacama)
  • Amazing Grace School of La Serena (Coquimbo)
  • Instituto Comercial Marítimo Pacífico Sur (Valparaíso)
  • Instituto Nacional (Región Metropolitana)
  • Colegio La Girouette (Región Metropolitana)
  • Liceo San Agustín (Biobío)
  • Colegio Instituto Victoria (La Araucanía)
  • Liceo de Excelencia Altamira (Los Ríos)
  • Colegio Cahuala Insular (Los Lagos)
  • Liceos Altos del Mackay (Aysén)

The organization of the contenst will stream the pill bug’s sequencing from ten cities. After that, the students will write a real scientific paper as co-authors.

1000 Genomas Chile is a Project by Center for Mathematical Modeling, Center for Genome Regulation, Millennium Institute for Integrative Systems and Synthetic Biology, Advanced Center for Chronic Diseases, and Geroscience Center for Brain Health and Metabolism.


Information and photo: 1000 Genomas Chile

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