#LaChileSeAcredita: Universidad de Chile announces its most important advances in the last seven years

#LaChileSeAcredita: Universidad de Chile announces its most important advances in the last seven years

Knowing our present to build the future of the University of all Chileans is the spirit of the dissemination campaign promoted by Universidad de Chile to communicate the main results of the internal evaluation developed within the framework of the institutional accreditation process. The purpose of the initiative is to communicate multiple data and figures of the self-evaluation to the university and national community. This information is about the growth of the University in different areas since 2011, as well as projections and challenges for the coming years.

The university seeks to convene its graduates, teachers, students, and officials to participate in the final phase of the process of institutional accreditation, a stage that includes the visit of six peer evaluators, one of them a foreign academic, to ends of the month of August.

The Rector Ennio Vivaldi emphasized the importance of integrating the entire university community in this task: “The process of internal evaluation, in which nearly 16,000 people participated, gave us a gigantic accumulation of information about what we have achieved and where we are heading as an institution. Now we need to socialize these results with our community to continue united building the future of the country’s main university.”

“Este 2018, contigo acreditamos la Chile”

The communication proposal includes the periodic dissemination of information on the different areas of accreditation and the process in different internal and external media and platforms. The campaign will extend during August using the hashtag #LaChileSeAcredita and the motto “Este 2018, contigo acreditamos la Chile”. It includes -among other actions- the circulation of journalistic, graphic, and audiovisual contents; the publication of the book ‘Una universidad única’, focused on the multiple areas where Universidad de Chile contributes, and the use of physical and digital platforms, such as magazines, websites, email and social media.

According to Mariela Ravanal, director of Communications of U. de Chile, the campaign seeks to encourage members of the university community to know their university: “Many times, there are based-on-limited-experiences judgments regarding our institution, without all the information to evaluate processes completely. That is why we have used concrete, eye-catching data that clearly shows the progress of the period. Based on this information, we want each member of the Institution to know the results of the self-assessment and thus be able to discuss the future of the same, in an informed way.”

Source: Universidad de Chile

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