Preferential Attachment Random graphs with edge-step functions


Nowadays, modeling and understanding the evolution and properties of concrete networks are important questions for many areas in the scientific community. The huge amount of data generated these days combined with new computing power allowed us to see concretely how many entities, such as our own society, are organized and connected. These findings naturally motivated the investigation of many models that intended to reproduce the properties observed empirically.

In this seminar, in its first moment, we will introduce which kind of properties one desires to see on a random graph (network) model and why. Then, we will discuss some recent results on a generalization of the traditional Barabasi-Albert model whose parameter is a positive function that drives the growth rate of the vertex set. Finally, we discuss nice open questions on this class of models.

Date: Mar 13, 2019 at 14:30:00 h
Venue: Av República 701, Sala 33.
Speaker: : Rodrigo Botelho Ribeiro
Affiliation: Universidad Católica de Chile.
Coordinator: Prof. José Verschae

Posted on Mar 12, 2019 in AGCO, Seminars