An algebraic view of the smallest strictly monotonic function.

Abstract: The talk concerns with one of the most popular functions to derive nonconvex separation results. Complete characterizations for both its level sets and basic properties such as monotonicity and convexity are provided in terms of its parameters. Most of these characterizations work without considering any additional requirement or assumption.

Finally, as an application, a vectorial form of the Ekeland variational principle is provided.

Date: Nov 04, 2020 at 10:00:00 h
Venue: Modalidad Vía Online.
Speaker: Professor César Gutiérrez
Affiliation: IMUVA (Mathematics Research Institute of the University of Valladolid), Valladolid, Spain
Coordinator: Abderrahim Hantoute & Fabián Flores Bazán.
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Posted on Nov 1, 2020 in Optimization and Equilibrium, Seminars