About us

The Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM) is a national leading scientific center for research and applications of mathematics. It aims to create new mathematics and use it to solve problems coming from other sciences, the industry and public policies.

It was created in 2000 by a group of researchers of the Department of Mathematical Engineering at Universidad de Chile, with the support of FONDAP CONICYT. CMM is also the International Mixed Unit #2807 of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) of France, and has an important wide world network of counterparts.

Over these two decades the Center has contributed to the innovation and solution of public and industrial problems in areas where mathematical modeling has shown to be essential, specially where the Chilean economy has advantages, like mining, astronomy, energy and natural resources. Nowadays features five strategic areas (Mining, Biology and Health, Education, Resource Management, and Data and High Performance Computing), one initiative and one national laboratory, covering a wide range of application areas.

Mission & Vision

The mission of the CMM is to create new mathematics and use it to solve problems coming from other sciences, the industry and public policies. Its aim is to develop science with the highest standards, which also guides its endeavors in industrial research and education.

We envision CMM as a world class center of excellence for research and advanced training in applied mathematics, internationally recognized as a platform for mathematical industrial modeling with the highest impact in innovation.


  • To sustain the mathematical leadership of CMM.
  • To be a world leader platform for mathematical modeling.
  • To be a reference center for undergraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral training in applied and industrial mathematics.
  • Propose a creative and challenging environment for young researchers and engineers.
  • To contribute to the solution of industrial problems in areas where the Chilean economy has advantages.
  • To have an important presence in the development of education in school mathematics.
  • To increase the social awareness on the role of mathematics in contemporary society and technological development.

CMM Executive Committee

The Committee meets periodically –once a week– in order to analyze the day to day needs of the Center such as: Requests from and support to the current projects, the organization of conferences and seminars, grants, new research agreements, invitations, visits, minor equipment. Current Committee members:

International Scientific Committee (ISC)

The ISC comprises selected worldwide renowned researchers in the areas actively developed at CMM. This board helps CMM in the evaluation of its strengths and weaknesses, and in keeping abreast of the new trends in fundamental and applied research activities. Current Committee members:

Industrial Advisory Board (IAB)

This board advises CMM on industrial topics and  the opening of the Center to new areas of applications and new business opportunities. Current Committee members:

  • Maurizio Arienzo. Former VP and Managing Director – Consumer Electronics at IBM; CEO, NovaWare Inc.
  • Álvaro Fischer. President, Fundación Ciencia y Evolución.
  • Yuji Inoue. Former VP R&D, NTT; Chairman of the Board, TOYOTA Info-Technology Center Co. Ltd.
  • Claude Puech. President of the Board, Inria Chile.
  • Fernando Schwartz. Global Head of Data Science, Merck.

Committee for strategic applied lines

This committee is formed by leaders of the five CMM strategic applied areas. This committee is expected to contribute to the improvement of our impact on transfer to industry, society, and other disciplines, and deepen its relationship with the IAB throughout the year. The current members of this committee are:


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