Combinatorial Modeling Laboratory (LCM)

Combinatorial Modeling Laboratory (LCM)

The main purpose of this new Laboratory is to detect, model and solve combinatorial problems arising in different scientific and industrial domains. A secondary goal of the Laboratory is to encompass and provide coherence to several unrelated efforts and activities concerning Combinatorial Modeling, which take place at CMM, and publicize such efforts in a more consistent and attractive way.

In this laboratory we will pursue our current collaboration around, mainly, theoretical computer science where our expertise in graph theory, discrete probability, distributed computing and combinatorial optimization has been proven fruitful. We will also seek the application of our knowledge in other areas where network have become a relevant concept.

From a more technical point of view, the Laboratory will focus on developing expertise in modeling via mixed integer programming and developing simulation of (combinatorial) distributed systems.

The laboratory is also expected to have an impact in the Department of Mathematical Engineering undergraduate program, where a hands on Laboratory in Combinatorial Optimization will be offered in order to familiarize students with the use of linear programming and mixed integer programming solvers as well as modeling environments/front-ends to such solvers.


Director: Martín Matamala

Researchers: M. Matamala, M. Kiwi, I. Rapaport, J. Soto

Scientists & Engineers: P. Moisset