Logistics and Production Laboratory (LP Lab)

Logistics and Production Laboratory (LP Lab)

Director: Jorge Amaya

The Logistics and Production Laboratory (LP Lab) is an applied research unit that aims to operationalize the principles and methods of Mathematical Optimization, in order to generate and implement solutions to industrial problems of high impact.

The work is developed in four phases, starting with the analysis stage of the challenge, and generating first a correct conceptual model, representative of the industrial reality. Then a mathematical model is proposed, wich expresses the conditions and requirements of the problem through equations.

The third phase is the proposition of suitable and efficient numerical resolution algorithms, using the most advanced Linear and Nonlinear Optimization methods available, thus generating a prototype computer program, pre-competitive level, wich is subjected to validation tests, against the actual data of the problem. The fourth phase covers the software or computational system development that allows the operation of the proposed solution.

LPLab team