Stochastic and Statistics Simulation Laboratory (SSSL)

Stochastic and Statistics Simulation Laboratory (SSSL)

Director: Joaquín Fontbona

This Laboratory (SSSL) has been recently created to answer an increasing demand from different engineering and applied research areas in Chile, for mathematical modeling and numerical solutions to problems with a strong stochastic component. This lab is intended to combine mathematical research with the development and implementation of rigorous numerical algorithms and software for the efficient simulation and visualization of solutions, following the successful industrial partnership model of the Bio-informatics Laboratory.

The SSSL has a US$40.000 contract with the CODELCONTT spin-off MICOMO for developing new mathematic, statistic and numerical models for underground-mining geomechanical monitoring  with the BOTDR optical technology developed by NTT. The SSSL will also support and enhance the Financial Engineering and Risk Management initiative of the CMM, promoting the interaction with private and regulatory institutions in these areas.

Training and research in the laboratory will benefit from our current scientific collaboration and exchanges with centers in France (Paris 6, INRIA and Ecole Polytechnique), and from new collaborations fostered with groups in PIMS (Vancouver), CAM (Cornell) and others.

Apart from these specific actions, this laboratory ought to be a facility to all other projects. This means that we have to do an investment in human resources and we have to recruit at least 2 experts on statistics and a third one in software engineering or numerical simulation with a Ph.D. level.