Anahí Gajardo

Anahí Gajardo
Researchers • U. de Concepción Researchers
PhD in Applied Mathematics, Universidad de Chile (2001)
Civil Engineering in Mathematics, Universidad de Chile (1998)
Institution: Universidad de Concepción
Research Area:
Algorithms and Combinatorics
Research interests:
Cellular automata and Turing machines. Our study takes two points of view: computational complexity and symbolic dynamics. Our main general problem is to determine -if possible- the complexity of predicting a given system. Symbolic dynamics is a useful tool because it provides a general language to express the different properties of a system. We look for relations between the different dynamical properties of these two classes of systems and also with their computational complexity.
anahi (at) ing-mat (dot) udec (dot) cl
+56 41 220 7042
office: 407
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