Jean-Gabriel Minonzio

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Jean-Gabriel Minonzio
CNRS Researchers
PhD in Physics, Université Denis Diderot (Paris 7), France (2006)
MSc Physical Acoustics, Université Denis Diderot (Paris 7), France (2003)
Institution: CNRS
Research Area:
Mathematical Mechanics and Inverse Problems
Research interests:
The framework for my research is bone characterization using ultrasound. Currently, a significant proportion of patients with non-traumatic fractures are not correctly detected by the clinical X-ray reference measurement (DXA). These fractures can be related, for example, to osteoporosis, diabetes or the use of certain drugs as cortico-steroids. My work consists in the development of an alternative clinical measurement device based on the measurement of ultrasonic guided waves. A prototype was successfully tested in a pilot clinical study at the Cochin Hospital (Paris) in collaboration with the Azalée start up. Numerous improvements have been necessary in a variety of fields: ultrasonic transducer, signal processing, cortical bone and waveguide modeling, real-time probe alignment guidance ... Collaborative works have been conducted with various countries, including China, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, and now Chile.
jean-gabriel (dot) minonzio (at) upmc (dot) fr
+56 2 2978 4963
office: 620
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