Continuing Education

The Unit for the Professional Training of CMM is devoted to the professional continuing education, certified ISO 9001:2008/NCh 2728:2003. Since 2014, it regularly offers courses and a Diploma in Mathematics Education to pre-service teacher educators. This Diploma is taught at the national level with funding from the Ministry of Education and was also exported to a Paraguayan educational foundation in 2015- 2016. The unit also teaches since 2005 a Diploma in Computer Security aimed at IT professionals. In this period, new courses will be given for professionals and engineers from the public and private sector, in response to the growing demand for training on technologically motivated topics such as Data Science and HPC, including a series of lectures on machine learning offered to ECLAC (United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean) in Santiago, and others to the Ministry of Public Works, Digevo and Banco Estado.

We are currently offering the following programs on Continuing Education:

I. Diploma de Postítulo en Educación Matemática (Mathematical Education Diploma – spanish only)
Diploma en Educación Matemática

II. Cursos en Educación Matemática para Profesores (Courses on Mathematical Education for Teachers – spanish only)
Cursos en Educación Matemática para Profesores

III. Diplomado de Psotítulo en Seguridad Computacional (Diploma in Computing Security – spanish only)Diploma de Postítulo en Seguridad Computacional