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Universidad de Chile (Santiago)
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Dr. Michael Schraudner
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At the moment I am doing research at CMM in Santiago de Chile.
See also my personal WebLog on the stay in Chile.


Me with Mike Boyle's hat
(Thanks Mike) at a BBQ
at Alejandro Maass'.


Me at the MCA2013 in
Guanajuato, Mexico.


Dr. sci. Michael Schraudner
Centro de Modelamiento Matemático
Universidad de Chile
Av. Blanco Encalada 2120, Piso 7
8370459 Santiago Centro
Santiago, Chile
Tel.: +56 2 2978 0514
Fax: +56 2 2688 9705

Office: Seventh floor, Room 709
Consulting time: Wednesday 15:00-16:00
12 oder 13?

Does person number 13 vanish from sight by just translating parts of the picture ?

Courses (Summer term 2005): Real Analysis 1, TA to Prof. C. Gerhardt (Internet-Companion)
(Winter term 2005/06): Real Analysis 2, TA to Prof. C. Gerhardt (Internet-Companion)
Ergodic Theory (advanced course for graduate students)
(Summer term 2006): Real Analysis 1, TA to PD Dr. R. Busam (Internet-Companion)

Find X!

A reason for stating
exercises more precisely?

Scientific Interests

Dynamical systems and Ergodic theory: Research on symbolic and topological dynamics and their applications
  • shifts of finite type (SFTs), sofic systems
  • higher-dimensional (algebraic) shifts
  • topological countable state Markov shifts
  • cellular automata
  • tiling systems
Dynamical systems: iterated function systems, algebraic dynamics
Theoretical computer science: formal languages, coding theory
Discrete mathematics: graph theory, combinatorics, combinatorial optimization

Further information

Nationality:German citizen, Chilean resident

11/2012-11/2015 DySyrf Anillo project: Dynamical Systems and related fields, main researcher. Three-year group grant financing research stays, seminars and conferences/workshops.
01/2012-12/2013 MathAmSud Project DySTil: Dynamical Study of Tilings, local coordinator Chile. Two-year international grant financing mutual research stays between the participating groups in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and France.
03/2010-03/2014 Fondecyt Proyecto Regular 1100719: Symbolic dynamics with a focus on multidimensional subshifts II.
01/2009-12/2011 Participant of Projet International de Coopération Scientifique - PICS, a CNRS project to enhance mathematical collaborations between France and Chile.
11/2007-10/2009 Fondecyt Proyecto Postdoctorado 3080008: Symbolic dynamics with a focus on higher-dimensional subshifts.

11/2009-10/2018 Associate Researcher at CMM, Universidad de Chile.
09/2006-10/2009 Post-Doctoral researcher at CMM, Universidad de Chile.
11/2001-08/2006 Research assistent at the chair of Prof. W. Krieger, University of Heidelberg.

11/2004 Doctoral degree in mathematics, University of Heidelberg, 1,0 (Magna cum laude).
02/2001 Doctoral student in mathematics. Dissertation in symbolic dynamics on 'Automorphism groups of countable state Markov shifts' (Prof. W. Krieger).
04/2000-10/2000 Diploma exams in mathematics, 1,0 with excellence (mit Auszeichnung).
08/1999-03/2000 Diploma thesis in combinatorial optimization on 'PQ-trees and the consecutive-ones-problem' (Prof. G. Reinelt).
06/1999-09/2001 Teaching Assistant (wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft).
04/1997 Prediploma in mathematics and in physics.
10/1995-10/2000 Studies in mathematics and physics at the University of Heidelberg.
Scholarship according to Bayerischem Begabtenförderungsgesetz (Bavarian law for promoting talented students).
Detailed Curriculum Vitae

Some talks related to my work

Minicourse on Multidimensional Symbolic Dynamics - Lecture 1 (France 2012)
Minicourse on Multidimensional Symbolic Dynamics - Lecture 2 (France 2012)
Minicourse on Multidimensional Symbolic Dynamics - Lecture 3 (France 2012)

Scientific work and preprints

PQ-trees and the Consecutive-Ones problem (diploma thesis, german)
PQ-trees (source code, documentation)

On automorphism groups of topological countable state Markov shifts (Ph.D. thesis, german)

On the algebraic properties of the automorphism groups of countable state Markov shifts (Ergodic Theory & Dynam. Systems (2006), 26/02, pp 551-583)

   This paper originated from merging two former preprints:
Algebraic properties of the automorphism groups of countable state Markov shifts (preprint, Dec. 2004)
Countable state Markov shifts with automorphism groups being a direct sum (preprint, Feb. 2005)

The canonical-boundary representation for automorphism groups of locally compact countable state Markov shifts (Israel J. Math. (2007), 159, pp 253-275)

A matrix formalism for conjugacies of higher-dimensional shifts of finite type (Colloq. Math. (2008), 110/02, pp 493-515)

d group shifts and Bernoulli factors (joint with Mike Boyle) (Ergodic Theory & Dynam. Systems (2008), 28/02, pp 367-387)

d shifts of finite type without equal entropy full shift factors (joint with Mike Boyle) (J. Difference Equ. Appl. (2009), 15/01, pp 47-52)

Projectional entropy and the electrical wire shift (Discrete Cont. Dyn. Syst. A (2010), 26/01, pp 333-346)

Multidimensional sofic shifts without separation and their factors (joint with Mike Boyle and Ronnie Pavlov) (Trans. Am. Math. Soc. (2010),362(9), pp 4617-4653)

Classification of sofic projective subdynamics of multidimensional shifts of finite type (joint with Ronnie Pavlov) (to appear in Trans. Am. Math. Soc., 50 pages)

Projective subdynamics of uniformly mixing multidimensional shifts of finite type (to appear in Ergodic Theory & Dynam. Systems, 36 pages)

Entropies realizable by block gluing ℤd shifts of finite type (joint with Ronnie Pavlov) (to appear in J. d'Analyse Math., 49 pages)

Speed of convergence for the realization of an effective subshift by a mulitdimensional SFT or sofic (joint with Mathieu Sablik) (submitted, 28 pages)

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