Héctor Ramírez

Héctor Ramírez
U. de Chile Researchers
PhD in Applied Mathematics, École Polytechnique, France (2005)
PhD in Mathematics Modeling, Universidad de Chile (2005)
Civil Engineering in Mathematics, Universidad de Chile (2001)
Institution: Universidad de Chile
Academic hierarchy: Profesor Asociado
Research Area:
Optimization & Equilibrium
Works at:
CMM Resource Management
Research interests:
My research focuses on continuous optimization, from theoretical aspects to its applications in diverse fields of engineering and sciences. More specifically, regarding fundamental research, I mainly study stability properties of solutions sets of optimization problems or parametrized generalized equations with conic constraints (semi-definite matrices and second-order cones). I also work on the application of optimal control techniques to the management of natural resources (for instance, the sustainable exploitation and the creation of rebuilding plans for fisheries), to the creation of public polices in health and to the bioremediation of water resources and the production of biogas by means of bioreactors.
hramirez (at) dim (dot) uchile (dot) cl
+56 2 2978 4980
office: 525
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