Since its creation, CMM has supported the advanced human capital training at the undergraduate and graduate programs offered by its associated departments at Universidad de Chile (UCH) and Universidad de Concepción (UdeC) as well as the recently created PhD programs at Universidad Federico Santa María (UTFSM) and Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI). It has also stimulated and sponsored the organization of an important number of scientific events and training activities, addressed at young researchers and engineers from Chile and Latin America, and it has attracted a significant number of postdocs from diverse countries, strengthening its research teams.

From its undoubtedly advantageous position, the CMM has a great influence at the national level over the education of engineers, doctors and postdoctorates. Besides developing a high standard of applied research, the CMM gives specialized training in mathematical modeling to engineers working for companies involved in joint projects with it.

An important strategic decision of CMM is the creation of a regional hub of research and training encompassing the universities of UCH, UdeC, UAI, UNAB, UTFSM and UOH (located in Santiago, Concepción, Valparaíso and Rancagua), which is expected to represent a robust network for the mobility and positioning of young graduates and postdocs trained in these centers. To this end, concrete actions will be undertaken to enlarge cooperation and support research groups in these universities.

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