For the past two decades, a tight-knit group of researchers from University of Chile’s Department of Mathematical Engineering and from University’s of Concepción Center for Research in Mathematical Engineering, with a broad range of scientific interests and related backgrounds at PhD level, have been carrying out research in applied mathematics and collaborating on multidisciplinary projects. Over these years the group has generated new models, algorithms and software for areas like forestry, energy, genomics, telecommunications and mining. The group also has a significant record of publications and extensive experience in training students at the doctoral and engineering level.

To formalize their collaboration and expand upon the multidisciplinary nature of their research, the group has decided to form the Center for Mathematical Modeling. To this point, the support of the FONDAP-CONICYT has made many of this group’s efforts possible and its continued support essential. CNRS of France has also recognized the quality of the research produced by the group. An Associated Research Unit was created between the University of Chile and CNRS, based on the Center for Mathematical Modeling. This type of research unit is the first to be established in Latin America.



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