Scientific Project

The Center promotes the development of its researchers by creating an environment where new mathematics and new ideas can flourish. The Center concentrates in those fields that offer, based on the conceptual level of our researchers and the potential of realistically achievable solutions, a bona fide possibility of enhancing the Center worldwide standing. The Center strives to foster a willingness among its members to use diverse investigative approaches in the solution of problems. We encourage our researchers to continuously look for open, unsolved, practical problems that represent the existing frontiers of mathematical challenge and discovery.

Independent funding for research and student’s support allows the Center to focus on developing new mathematical tools without specific target applications. This freedom is essential for the development of far-reaching solutions and as yet unimagined applications for large classes of problems which can then be transferred to a variety of sectors. The actual transfer and application of new tools and techniques is mainly transmitted by the newly graduating engineers and Ph.D. students, as well as through interaction with engineers in consulting groups or research and development departments of companies. Seminars and workshops also provides a means of disseminating information about the our latest developments and applications.

The Center develop modeling and analysis of complex problems in response to existing local needs, especially in the areas of mining, genomics, medicina, telecommunications, transport, economics and energy.

Work on finding solutions to these immediate problems provides us with fertile ground for research. And the successful elaboration of solutions will consolidate the Center‘s global standing.

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