Undergraduate Program

The engineering degrees offered in our faculty (Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at University of Chile) have a broad background in basic science with a two-year common plan and a solid presence of mathematics courses. On average, researchers in the CMM give 40 classes per year in the common plan with an annual through put of approximately 3.500 students. This fact translates into a large impact on the education of new engineers, who benefit from the experience in basic and applied research that the CMM’s members have.

On the other hand, the objective of the undergraduate degree program in mathematical civil engineering imparted by the Department of Mathematical Engineering (DIM) is to provide a solid grounding in applied mathematics that will enable our graduates to confront complex engineering problems by formulating and solving models using advanced mathematical tools.

In recent years, enrollments in the degree have increased significantly which has resulted in an average of 25 graduations per year over the last three years. This growth can be explained by the interest that the CMM awakens in students in the faculty since it gives them a window into applications and mathematical research of the highest standard. Our engineering training takes place in a highly competitive environment and our students are not only the best in the faculty (40 points over the average 700 in a national test used to enter Chilean universities), but the best in the country.