Luis Villada

Luis Villada
— Associate Researchers
PhD in Applied Mathematics, Universidad de Concepción, Chile (2013)
MSc in Mathematics, Universidad Nacional de Colombia (2007)
BSc in Mathematics, Universidad de Córdoba, Colombia (2004)
Institution: Universidad del Bío-Bío
Research Area:
Numerical Analysis
Research interests:
System of conservation laws and relative equations, Strongly degenerate parabolic equations, reaction-diffusion systems.
Finite volume/difference methods, Discontinuous Galerkin method, implicit-explicit (IMEX) schemes, high order schemes (WENO), adaptive methods (AMR), Lagrangian-Remap solver.
Applications to traffic flows, polydisperse sedimentation, Shallow-water equations, multi-phase flows, kinetic and kinematic models, compressible gas dynamics, epidemiology.
lvillada (at)
+56 41 311 1095
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