Rodolfo Gutiérrez

Rodolfo Gutiérrez
— Associate Researchers
PhD in Mathematics, Université Paris-Diderot 7, France (2019)
Master in Engineering Sciences, mention in Applied Mathematics, Universidad de Chile (2015)
Institution: Universidad de Chile
Academic hierarchy: Profesor Adjunto
Research Area:
Probability and Ergodic Theory
Research interests:
I'm interested in geometry and dynamical systems. Currently, I work on Teichmüller dynamics, flat surfaces and dynamically-defined Cantor sets. My Ph.D. thesis was focused on gaining a deeper understanding of the combinatorial models for the Teichmüller flow and the SL(2,ℝ)-action on flat surfaces.
rgutierrez (at) dim (dot) uchile (dot) cl
+56 2 2978 0522
office: 713
Chair CMM–CNRS for Young Researchers at University of Chile (2020).
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