Chair CMM–CNRS of Excellence for Young Researchers – CLOSED

Chair CMM–CNRS of Excellence for Young Researchers – CLOSED

The Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM) of the University of Chile and UMI CNRS 2807 offers four three-year positions of Excellence in Mathematics, from August-September 2019, in the research areas developed at the center. These positions aim to attract promising young fellows with a brilliant research trajectory (for this stage of the career), offering a competitive salary (equivalent to an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematical Engineering (DIM)), excellent research facilities, no formal teaching duties – but with collaboration in the Master’s and PhD programs – an annual travel budget and additional benefits related to the fact that the center is a CNRS-UMI.

Candidates should have a PhD degree on the date of appointment (and preferably no earlier than January 2016) and their curriculum vitae and research statement should demonstrate strong research capability.

Applications must be submitted online and consist of the following documents (in PDF): curriculum vitae (in English or Spanish), a research statement (in English) that includes publications, and an outline of future research before July 19, 2019.

All applications will be acknowledged by e-mail. Applicants must ensure that at least two (2) letters of recommendation on their behalf from senior researchers arrive at the center in due time. Recommendations must be submitted through the Recommendation Letter Form.

Please fill out the Application Form here.

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