Advances in coordination between the Universidad de Atacama and the CMM on mining tailings

Advances in coordination between the Universidad de Atacama and the CMM on mining tailings

The director of the Metallurgical Engineering Department of the Universidad de Atacama (UDA), Ana María Rivera, traveled to Santiago to visit the Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM) of the University of Chile and, of course, to continue with the regional coordination work that was established at the Atacama Technology Workshop, held on May 17 in Copiapó.

In Beauchef 851, the UDA academic met with the coordinator of External Linkage, Eduardo Vera; the coordinator of the Digital Mining area, Jaime Ortega; and the director of the project “Risk Monitoring System around Tailings Deposits”, Jorge Amaya.

“We are interested in working together with Universidad de Chile and sharing data with regional universities, it is very important. We are very happy to colaborate with the CMM (…) We are looking at the tailings, considering that Atacama is the region that has the largest amount: we have more than 300 tailings deposits. So we are discussing with our colleagues what we can do, how we can contribute to the region and, obviously, to the country”, said Rivera.

Along these lines, Eduardo Vera pointed out that “we all know the effort we have to make in decentralization and that means collaborating with the regions and creating local capacities, to achieve greater permanence, because one can set up a project, it can be a successful project, but if we do not have a medium to long term projection and a permanent link with the region, it does not have the same impact”.

Eduardo Vera, Ana María Rivera, Jaime Ortega and Jorge Amaya.

“We are trying to have a creative, periodic and very binding relationship with the region. This is the follow-up of the Technological Workshop, in which 11 of our researchers traveled to Copiapó, where three topics were addressed: education, health and metallurgy (…) it is a very interesting way for the University of Chile, through its Center for Mathematical Modeling, to collaborate with the regional government. This is the first democratically elected regional government, it is serving two years, it has another two years left, so one would try to show results already in a two-year framework”, added the coordinator of External Linking of the CMM.

By Alonso Farías Ponce, CMM Communications.

Posted on Jun 16, 2023 in News