“Santiago 2050, vision of the Region”: Join the 100% online event to project the sustainable development of the RM

“Santiago 2050, vision of the Region”: Join the 100% online event to project the sustainable development of the RM

Registration is open now. Thinking about how we want the Region to be in the coming decades is the invitation of the Government of Santiago and the University of Chile to the entire community; in virtual meetings that seek to know the ideas and desires of those who live in the territory.

Next Tuesday, August 22 and Thursday, August 24, citizens will be able to contribute, with their ideas and opinions, to build how the Metropolitan Region will be in the coming years. All this, thanks to the initiative “Santiago 2050, vision of Region”, promoted by the Government of Santiago and the University of Chile.

The objective is for citizens to contribute to the elaboration of the vision of the Metropolitan Region 2050, in order to guide and prioritize public decisions regarding its sustainable, healthy, dynamic and integrated development.

The Governor of Santiago, Claudio Orrego, commented that “the creation of a regional strategy with a vision for 2050, based on citizen participation, fosters dynamic development by involving the community in decision-making. It favors adaptation to changes and challenges over time, and the voices of all citizens contribute to building a future with dialogue-based governance at the service of the people”.

“The participation of the community in decision-making is fundamental for public policies to be binding. Imagining and building an inclusive and sustainable city is a great task that summons us all. We invite you to participate with the Government of Santiago in this citizen consultation process, where the University of Chile puts its capabilities at the service of actively listening to society”, said the Rector, Rosa Devés.

About the meetings

The participants of the deliberation will be chosen through a random process among those who register on the platform deliberachile.cl, where they must complete a form. The sample will be representative of the entire region, so its construction will be more accurate as more citizens register to be eligible.

The director of the project and researcher at the Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM) of the University of Chile, Alejandro Jofré, explained that “the deliberation exercise is 100% online, from 19:30 to 21:30 hours. From the group of registered participants, either for both dates or for a specific day, a subset of people from different communes, ages and genders, representative of the diversity of the regional population, will be selected. There they will deliberate in groups of 6 to 10 participants, through a web platform built for this purpose. The initiative is a unique and unprecedented opportunity for the voice of citizens to be considered in the process of designing development strategies for the region in the next 30 years.

For more information, the community is invited to visit the social networks of the Government of Santiago and the University of Chile, platforms that will be permanently updated. Registrations are available until August 20, here: deliberachile.cl

By Alonso Farías Ponce, CMM journalist.

Posted on Aug 11, 2023 in News