Prof. Kowalczyk inaugurated Mathematics postgraduate programs at the UBB

Prof. Kowalczyk inaugurated Mathematics postgraduate programs at the UBB

CMM researcher encouraged students to dare to tackle problems, no matter how difficult they may seem.

The Inaugural Talk of the Postgraduate Programs of the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad del Bío-Bío (UBB), Doctorate in Applied Mathematics and Master in Applied Mathematics, directed by academicians Dr. Pablo Venegas Tapia and Dr. Verónica Anaya Domínguez, respectively, was held on Wednesday 8.

The presentation, which was also transmitted telematically, was given by Dr. Michal Kowalczyk of the Department of Mathematical Engineering of the U. of Chile, all of them researchers of the Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM).


In his talk, Dr. Kowalczyk gave a general account of his experience as a researcher and, in particular, of the work of several years that, together with his colleague Claudio Muñoz, led them to be the first researchers from Chilean universities to publish in the prestigious Journal of the American Mathematical Society.

“I described my work with collaboration with Claudio Muñoz, and Yvan Martel from 2015 where we proved asymptotic stability of kink in local energy spaces for odd perturbations and, then, I presented a more recent work that we finished in 2022 with Martel and that improves that previous work”, detailed the U. of Chile academic of Polish origin and doctorate at the U. of Tennessee – Knoxville, USA.

“I found it interesting because, first, I wanted to show them (the attendees, mainly students of the aforementioned graduate programs of the UBB), that one can get into a very difficult problem, dare and achieve it if, as in my case, there is a good research environment and collaborators who can support,” he said.

“And secondly,” added the researcher, “I also found it interesting to show the path of this work that took so many years to find an improvement, a more elegant, more general way to partially present the same results”.

Dr. Verónica Anaya emphasized that “the talks by leading researchers are fundamental for the training of students in our graduate programs, PhD in Applied Mathematics and MSc in Applied Mathematics, as they provide them with a wide range of benefits including knowledge updating, inspiration and skills development. These activities undoubtedly help students broaden their academic and professional horizons, preparing them for an outstanding career in their area of study.”

“The activity was successful,” added the also alternate director of the DSALT project, with an excellent reception, both by the students of both graduate programs, as well as by the professors of the academic staff, in face-to-face and distance mode, and also by graduates.”

“We have carried out this activity on several occasions, each time with the participation of outstanding researchers whose research areas are related to the lines of specialization shared by both programs,” Dr. Anaya explained, adding that “on this occasion, we were privileged to have the presence of Professor Kowalczyk, whose research is closely related to one of our areas of specialization: Analysis of Partial Differential Equations. Academics who support this line of research had the opportunity to share and interact with Professor Kowalczyk”.

Professors Oyarzúa, Anaya, Kowalczyk and Venegas.

“These instances also allow external researchers to get to know our graduate programs, the work we do in our areas of specialization and, probably, future collaborations may arise”, concluded the researcher.

Dr. Kowalczyk commented that the invitation was extended by another MWC researcher and UBB academic, Ricardo Oyarzúa Vargas, director of the DSALT Group Project (ANID ACT 210087), of which Profs. Anaya and Venegas are also part. “He invited me and I happily accepted, and I am very happy to be here for the first time on this campus and to be able to share my work”,  the lecturer emphasized.

By Iván Tobar, CMM Concepción journalist


To learn more about Prof. Michal Kowalczyk’s work on asymptotic stability of kinks, the recent talk Asymptotic stability of kinks in the odd energy space, given at the Erwin Schrödinger International Institute for Mathematics and Physics (ESI), is available on YouTube.

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