Scientific event celebrated 60 years of CMM researcher Fabián Flores

Scientific event celebrated 60 years of CMM researcher Fabián Flores

Chilean-Peruvian Conference on Optimization and Variational Analysis, ChiPOVA 2024, was the name of the event in honor of the career of Prof. Fabián Flores.


Organized by a committee chaired by Dr. Felipe Lara Obreque and with nine plenary lectures, several sessions and conversation instances, distributed in five days, the event ‘Chilean-Peruvian Conference on Optimization and Variational Analysis’ – ChiPOVA 2024, was held at the Universidad de Tarapacá, on the occasion of the sixtieth birthday of Dr. Fabián Flores Bazán, Professor at the Universidad de Concepción (UdeC) and associate researcher at the Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM).

Lara, who received his PhD from UdeC in 2015 under the direction of Prof. Flores, explained that “it has been an honor for the organizing committee to have held this first Chilean-Peruvian meeting on optimization and variational analysis, in which we have received world experts together with outstanding young researchers and graduate students from Chile, as well as from Peru and Bolivia”.

“Gathering in Arica about 35 researchers from different countries of the world is not an easy task, especially considering the complications in flight connectivity to reach the conference. All the colleagues who arrived from Europe traveled more than 30 hours, due to the long waits at the Santiago airport because of the lack of flights to our city, which shows the commitment of our colleagues to join us in ChiPOVA”, added Lara, who also participates as one of the editors of the special issue of the ‘Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications’ that will be published in recognition of Dr. Flores.

“The conference was motivated by two main reasons; first, the scientific meeting of the MathAMSud AMSUD-220020 Project, where we collaborate with Fabián Flores-Bazán and Rubén López for the Chilean team, with Yboon García from Peru, Sorin-Mihai Grad from France and their respective research groups, and also to celebrate Fabián’s 60th birthday, who has not only been an outstanding researcher and academic in our country, but also an excellent mentor, partner and friend”, explained the professor of the U. de Tarapacá.

“For both Rubén (López) and myself,” he emphasized, “who were Fabián’s doctoral students and maintain permanent contact both in research and friendship, it has been very gratifying to have celebrated his 60 years with this conference because we know that research is what he is most passionate about.”

The honoree noted that “I am truly honored by this tribute, and I am very grateful to my colleagues and friends for taking some of their valuable time to participate in this significant event”.

“There is no doubt,” Prof. Flores continued, “that this is a moment to thank in a special way those with whom I shared moments of mathematical discussion. In particular to my former students, now colleagues: Felipe, Rubén, Cristian, who were in charge of the organization and realization of the event”.

“This date has a double meaning,” he said, “because on April 1 I completed 30 years of service at UdeC, an institution I thank for the constant support it has given me to develop professionally, through the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and the Department of Mathematical Engineering. Also the support of the Center for Mathematical Modeling has played a crucial role in my scientific activity. I am very pleased with the high level of the presentations given by young scientists of the country”.

The Dean of the FCFM-UdeC, Dr. Roberto Riquelme Sepúlveda, recalled that Prof. Flores received the Municipal Science Award of Concepción in 2007. “He has been an academic of wide trajectory, he has trained a lot of human capital. Particularly in his area, he has trained doctoral students, he has directed memoirs of Mathematical Civil Engineering and has been an outstanding scientist at a national level with international projections, giving the Department a very strong projection in the area and he can continue giving it, because he remains very active to continue training more people”.

For his part, the director of DIM-UdeC and also CMM researcher Dr. Julio Aracena Lucero emphasized that “Professor Fabián Flores has forged a solid and outstanding academic career during his 30 years of service in our Department and University. His dedication and excellence have consolidated him as an internationally renowned researcher in the field of Optimization”.

“His calm and respectful character,” Aracena continued, “combined with his commitment to the academic and professional development of our students, has allowed him to train researchers with whom he maintains a close collaboration and friendship. This legacy is a genuine testament to the significant impact that Professor Flores has had and will continue to have on the academic community, both on present and future generations, as well as on the advancement of knowledge in his area of expertise.”

Throughout his career, Prof. Flores, who is also associate editor of several WoS journals (Springer, Taylor & Francis, Heldermann, among others) in the area of optimization, has visited several research institutions, mainly in Europe, Asia and Latin America. He is an internationally recognized expert in research fields where classical convexity and monotonicity are lacking, covering different topics, from continuous optimization and variational analysis problems to integral functionals.

In recent years, his scientific interest has focused on the field of optimization theory, under convex and asymptotic analysis, together with problems in quasi-monotonic operator theory.


By Iván Tobar, journalist at CMM Concepción

Posted on Jun 4, 2024 in News