Postdoctoral Positions

During the last ten years, CMM generated a continuous flow of around 80 postdocs (from all over the world), distributed in UCH, UdeC and other groups supported by CMM. Many of them remain in the country after completing their postdoc. The center actively contributes to their training and their insertion into the international mathematical community through a productive and stimulating working environment, offering possibilities to enlarge their scientific network. Together with FONDECYT postdoctoral grants, CMM provides funding for their research activities and travels. In the future we expect to expand the scope of training and career opportunities offered to postdoctoral researchers in the framework of the hub of Chilean research centers supported by CMM. In addition to postdoctoral positions, and as part of the network of international CNRS units (UMI), CMM has attracted and supported 3-4 young French visiting researchers per year. CMM funds their travel and installation expenses, enabling them to carry out 6-12 month research stays to work in the fundamental or applied areas of CMM.


Our current postdocts