Resource Management


Directors: Héctor Ramírez and Iván Rapaport

Researchers: Jorge Amaya, Alejandro Jofré, Marcos Kiwi, Martín Matamala, Juan PeypouquetJosé SotoMaya Stein, Andreas Wiese
Scientist: Salvador Flores
Engineers: Giancarlo Acevedo, Pablo Huentelemu, Pablo Moisset, Emilio Molina, Pablo OrellanaVíctor Riquelme, Paula Uribe

This line is devoted to the resolution of critical problems arising from the productive sector and in the creation of public policies, with a special focus on resource optimization and sustainability. Its scope goes from natural resource management to scheduling and logistics. The team is composed by mathematicians and engineers with expertise in areas such as continuous and discrete optimization, algorithms, operations research and networks.

Areas of application

  • Sustainable management of natural resources
  • Operations management
  • Public health policies
  • Resource allocation
  • Routing
  • Logistics
  • Scheduling
  • Pricing
  • Energy efficiency
  • eRetail

Ongoing projects

  • Optimal integration of solar energy in the planning and operation of urban rail transportation system (Fondef)
  • Optimization of educational resources (Corfo)
  • Predicting the demand for university courses (Corfo)
  • Bioremediation of water resources and maximization of biogas production (REDES & PhD thesis CONICYT)
  • Analyzing the demand for classrooms and the effective available capacity (School of Engineering, Universidad de Chile)
  • Models and algorithms for operations in port container terminals (in preparation)
  • Optimal resource allocation for last-mile delivery logistics in the retail sector (in preparation)
  • Optimal design of protocols for detection and treatment of sexual diseases in penitentiary populations (in preparation)
  • Estimation of demand for hospital services and its impact on its management (in preparation)