WAVES 2023 – School on Modeling and Simulation of Gravitational Waves

Event Date: Nov 13, 2023 in Schools

In this school, we will offer participants an introduction to gravitational wave modeling, emphasizing aspects such as the context and scientific relevance, mathematical formalism, and implementation in HPC software. Each of these parts will be led by international experts.

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Escuela de Primavera de Matemática Aplicada 2023

Event Date: Oct 16, 2023 in Schools

Del lunes 16 al viernes 20 de octubre de 2023.

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La Serena School for Data Science 2023: Applied Tools for Data-driven Sciences

Event Date: Aug 07, 2023 in Events, Schools

This event addresses the challenges of developing and using new tools for data discovery, access, and analysis.

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V Mini Escuela de Verano en Probabilidades y Procesos Estocásticos

Event Date: Jan 04, 2023 in Events, Schools

The main objective of the mini-school is to present current research topics in probabilities at an introductory level and in an informal environment.

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School: Combinatorial and geometrical approaches on dynamics

Event Date: Nov 28, 2022 in Frontpage, Schools

This event is a school and workshop to present relevant developments in dynamical systems and ergodic theory combining combinatorial, geometrical and algebraic aspects. November 28-December 2, 2022.

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XVIII Summer School in Discrete Mathematics

Event Date: Jan 09, 2023 in Events, Frontpage, Schools

The courses are oriented towards graduate and advance undergraduate students.

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