Emilio Vilches

Emilio Vilches
— Associate Researchers
PhD in Engineering Sciences, minor Mathematical Modeling, Universidad de Chile (2016)
PhD in Mathematics, University of Burgundy, France (2016)
Mathematical Engineering, Universidad de Chile (2012)
BSc in Engineering Sciences, major in Mathematics, Universidad de Chile (2012)
Institution: Universidad de O'Higgins
Research interests:
Research areas
Differential inclusions, Nonsmooth dynamical systems, Optimal control, Variational Analysis, Convex Analysis.
Research Interests
Study of existence, stability, sensitivity analysis, and optimal control of nonsmooth dynamical systems with applications to hysteresis, nonsmooth mechanics and nonsmooth electrical circuits. Especially, differential inclusions governed by normal cones of moving nonconvex sets as the sweeping process.
emilio (dot) vilches (at) uoh (dot) cl