Gabriel Gatica

Gabriel Gatica
— Associate Researchers
PhD in Mathematical Sciences, University of Delaware, USA (1989)
Master in Mathematics, Universidad de Concepción (1985)
Mathematics Engineering, Universidad de Concepción (1982)

Institution: Universidad de Concepción
Research Area:
Numerical Analysis
Research interests:
Mathematical and numerical analysis of linear and nonlinear initial-boundary and boundary value problems in continuum mechanics, particularly in potential theory, electromagnetism, elasticity, and fluid mechanics. The main tools employed are: finite element methods, boundary integral equation methods, discontinuous Galerkin methods, least-squares-type methods, and primal and dual-mixed variational formulations. In addition, the main objectives sought are: existence and uniqueness of continuous solutions, existence and uniqueness of discrete solutions, a priori and a posteriori error analyses, fully discrete schemes, and efficient algorithms and computational implementations.
ggatica (at) ing-mat (dot) udec (dot) cl
+56 41 220 3121
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