Pedro Pérez

Pedro Pérez
— Associate Researchers
PhD in Engineering Sciences, mention in Mathematical Modeling, Universidad de Chile (2018)
Mathematical Engineering, Universidad de Chile (2014)
Institution: Universidad de Chile
Academic hierarchy: Profesor Asociado
Research Area:
Optimization & Equilibrium
Research interests:
My main fields of research correspond to variational analysis and optimization. During the last four years I have been involved in the application of related stochastic programming and applications, where my principal contribution has been the application of different techniques of convex and variational analysis to concrete applications, which use chance constraint.
Now, my aim is to develop innovative theoretical aspects in two subjects related to optimization, variational analysis and stochastic programming.
In general, my fields of research correspond to
• Linear Optimization.
• Nonlinear Optimization.
• Convex Analysis.
• Stochastic Optimization.
• Nonsmooth Optimization.
• Variational Analysis.
pperez (at)
+56 2 2978 4472
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