Víctor Riquelme

Víctor Riquelme
PhD in Mathematics Modeling, Université de Montpellier, France (2016)
PhD in Sciences of Engineering with mention in Mathematical Modeling, Universidad de Chile (2016)
Mathematical Engineering, Universidad de Chile (2012)
BSc in Mathematics, Universidad de Chile (2009)
Works at:
CMM Digital Health • CMM Networks
Research interests:
Research topics:
My main research area, from the mathematical viewpoint, is the modeling and application of optimization and control tools for problems in the management of renewable natural resources, from both theoretical and applied approaches. The areas on which I have developed my research include (but are not limited to):
– Bioremediation of water resources and bioprocesses
– Control of deterministic and stochastic population dynamics
– Epidemiological models for prison populations
– Numerical simulation methods for control problems
– Stochastic optimal control of time continuous Itô diffusions

Areas of interest:
My areas of interest are those on which engineering, mathematics, and computer sciences can contribute to the management and decision making, improving processes. I am interested in:
– Data visualization and mathematical simulation
– Machine learning methods (shallow and deep methods)
– Methods of signal processing, time series, and statistical analysis
vriquelme (at) cmm (dot) uchile (dot) cl
+56 2 2978 0595
office: 615
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