Few days left to register for the School Mathematics Championship

Few days left to register for the School Mathematics Championship

For the second consecutive time, it will be held in online mode due to the pandemic. The national deputy academic director of this championship, and researcher at the Center for Mathematical Modeling, explains that it is an excellent opportunity to maintain a fondness for mathematics.

This April 21, the registrations for the School Mathematics Championship (Campeonato Escolar de Matemáticas, CMAT), in its high school modality, will close. According to Jaime San Martín, deputy national academic director of the event and researcher at the Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM), this event “hopes that young people will generate and maintain a fondness for mathematics”.

The Championship is an event that brings together students from all over the country to compete both in groups and individually. “This was started fifteen years ago by Professor Rafael Labarca, from the University of Santiago, and then he invited the University of Chile to participate. After several years, this competition has the support of at least fifteen universities from all over the country,” says San Martín.

In this event, students from all over Chile meet virtually, and compete by solving different types of mathematical problems. Each test awards points to each competitor, and in the final stage, the winning students of the CMAT will be revealed. During the dates of this championship, hundreds of students generate community and share their love for solving mathematical problems.

Currently, the CMAT has two modalities: one in which elementary school students compete and another in which students from 1st to 4th grade participate. Registration for the latter is now open and ends on April 21.

San Martín explains that his participation in the School Mathematics Championship is “an institutional support to Rafael Labarca, who puts a great effort in this”. In addition, a group of students from the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Chile participates in the preparation, correction and taking of the different tests given to students participating in this championship.

“This encouraged the existence of the academies within the schools,” adds Professor San Martín. Normally, around 2,000 students participate each year, coming from approximately 200 schools throughout the country.

“I have students who are now studying for their doctorate in Europe or the United States, and they have told me that in their school years they participated in this championship,” confides San Martín. According to the CMM researcher, the interest of this instance is focused on “generating that the greatest number of young people keep training and generating a fondness for mathematics”.

The first date of this championship will be held this Saturday, April 24. To request the rules and obtain more information about the registration, please write to cmat@usach.cl


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Posted on Apr 14, 2021 in News