Successful seminar on the collaboration between CMM and SimpliRoute

Successful seminar on the collaboration between CMM and SimpliRoute

Alejandro Maass, director of the Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM) at the University of Chile, and Álvaro Echeverría, CEO of SimpliRoute, invited to the seminar that kicked off the knowledge and technology transfer collaboration between CMM and SimpliRoute.

The event took place on Friday, August 6, 2021, open to the general public, and was attended by members of both institutions, as well as representatives from ministries and public institutions, academia and industry.

To solve the vehicle routing problem, in addition to optimization heuristics, an intensive use of Machine Learning approaches is required. This is both to understand the needs of our customers, establishing inputs and optimization parameters, and to extract value from the results and the interaction with customers.

This agreement allows us to continue growing in the application of Intelligence and Learning for logistics, positioning us at the forefront of scientific development in the area.

— Álvaro Echeverría, CEO SimpliRoute

The Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM) is a national reference scientific center for research and applications of mathematics. Its goal is to create new mathematics and use it to solve problems from other sciences, industry and public policy.

SimpliRoute aims to democratize logistics intelligence worldwide. SimpliRoute is revolutionizing the way logistics works, helping companies to provide fast, efficient and intelligent deliveries for their customers.

You can watch the recording of this seminar (in Spanish) on our YouTube channel:


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