CMM researchers recognized at FCFM celebration honoring new tenured professors

CMM researchers recognized at FCFM celebration honoring new tenured professors

The award ceremony, which had already been made virtually by the University of Chile, was attended by 14 academics who obtained the hierarchy between March 2019 and January 2021, who received in person the diploma and the medal of Full Professor.

Due to the virtuality that was established by the pandemic in the last two years, the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (FCFM) of the University of Chile organized a face-to-face ceremony to distinguish its academics who obtained the highest rank within the ordinary academic career between March 2019 and January 2021.

Ceremonia Profesores titulares 2019-2021

Hagop Tossounian, CMM postdoctoral researcher, performs a piano piece during the ceremony.


“We are the full professors who have the fundamental responsibility to take the University forward,” said the dean of the FCFM, Francisco Martínez, who added that “the training that will be given in the future depends on the full professors, how we are going to guide the paths of training, how we are going to transform the university we have into a university of the 21st century. It is the full professors who are called upon to reflect on this“.

Claudio Muñoz

Claudio Muñoz receiving the diploma and medal of Full Professor.


According to the General Regulations of the Academic Career of the University of Chile, the distinction of Full Professor is considered the highest academic rank of this University and is permanent. Those who enter this category have consolidated a high national and international prestige, developing in an outstanding way an innovative academic activity in its conceptions, contents or procedures. On the other hand, with this appointment, they must actively participate in the institutional development and will have the mission to ensure the development and quality of the teaching given by the Assistant Professors and Instructors, since their distinction of Full Professor accredits the accumulated experience.

Jaime Ortega

Jaime Ortega receiving the diploma and medal of Full Professor.


On this occasion, the following professors were distinguished with the Full Professor medal and a diploma: Rubén Boroschek and Leonardo Basso from the Department of Civil Engineering; Gabriel Easton and Fernando Barra from the Department of Geology; Laura Gallardo and Jaime Campos from the Department of Geophysics; María Elena Lienqueo from the Department of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Materials; Paulina Lira from the Department of Astronomy; Rodrigo Palma B., Luis Vargas and Marcos Orchard from the Department of Electrical Engineering; Benjamín Bustos from the Department of Computer Science; and Claudio Muñoz, Jaime Ortega, Héctor Ramírez and Maya Stein, professors from the Department of Mathematical Engineering and researchers from the Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM).

Héctor Ramírez

Héctor Ramírez receiving the diploma and medal of Full Professor.


During the ceremony, which was attended by family and friends of the honorees, the academic from the Department of Geophysics, Laura Gallardo, also said that “achieving tenure at the ‘U’ is special, because the ‘U’ is unique and special. The so-called academic excellence at the ‘U’ is not reduced to statistics or indicators of some academic activity. Our excellence must result in more wellbeing, equity, happiness, intelligence, sustainability and more changes for those inside and outside the academy, for those who are today and those who will be tomorrow. Tenure confers on us a responsibility that goes far beyond the me and mine. We represent the University of Chile, we have its mission and its values.

Maya Stein

Maya Stein receiving the diploma and medal of Full Professor.


Profesores titulares FCFM 2019-2021

FCFM Full Professors 2019-2021


Hagop Tossounian


Source: Comunicaciones FCFM
Photo credits: Cristián Prado

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